Wasserman creates brand experience and online campaign for Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings, the mobile real time strategy game, has launched a brand experience and online content campaign to promote the game among new players in the UK. The activity, created and produced by Wasserman, launched yesterday evening, with 125 Knights taking to the streets of London to battle evil Lava Monsters.

The campaign will be amplified through social and PR via Clash of King’s digital channels and the national press.  The activity has been delivered in coordination with the game’s first ever British TVC, which aired on April 26th.

Filmed on the Evening of May 18th, the activity involved a large-scale battle re-enactment, which brought the experience of playing the game to life. Starting at St. Katherine’s Dock, the 125 knights, led by their King, marched through London’s streets, across the iconic Tower Bridge to Potter’s Field where they battled gigantic Lava Monsters on the bank of the River Thames.

During the battle, onlookers who were brave enough were invited to take part; swapping their suits and briefcases for swords and armour. They joined the knights and took on the monstrous opposition in an epic fight, defeating the 10ft tall beasts and standing victorious, all on their daily commute home.

After the battle, Clash of Kings hosted a free event on Potter’s Field where the knights celebrated their victory, alongside members of the public. The live event consisted of a hog roast, ales and small one-on-one knight demonstrations.

For the next three weeks, roaming teams of knights will be seen around London causing mischief to maintain awareness and excitement of the game. These will form additional pieces of video content, which will be seeded out across the game’s social channels.

Speaking about the campaign, Qianya Liu, overseas marketing manager for Clash of Kings, said: “Since launching in 2014, Clash of Kings has grown in popularity across the globe, with players from over 155 countries having led their troops into battle against one another.

“With this activity, we wanted to bring to life the excitement of the game, putting the action into a real world environment, set against the backdrop of one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Wasserman has done a brilliant job of bringing together the digital and physical brand experience – harnessing both channels to create a piece of fun and engaging online content that will help to boost visibility of the game with new and current players.”

Simon Couch, business strategy director, experience at Wasserman said: “65 percent of all UK Clash of Kings users play on their commute to and from work, so it made perfect sense to stage a huge battle for people on their way home. Merging the physical and digital experience, we captured the action, excitement and enjoyment experienced by players of Clash of Kings – helping to boost awareness of the game with new audiences.”

Since launch, Clash of Kings players have spent the equivalent of 20,400 years playing the game and over 946 billion troops have fought in the game, more than the total number of stars and planets in the Milky Way. It was awarded “Facebook Game of the Year 2015” and nominated for “Best Game” category in the Googleplay Awards. Clash of Kings’ players span over 155 countries and the game is currently one of the top five games played in nearly a third of these markets.

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