Event Review: Gamified Brand Experiences

This event was hosted by creative retail design and production agency Seen Displays, an agency with focus on creative design and experiential activation.

This hybrid event was hosted live in London and Online on Zoom on Wednesday 20th October by Seen Displays.

The main presenter was Moe Krimat, Strategic Creative Director.


Following the astronomical rise of gamers across all ages over the past year, accelerated technological innovations are continuing to blur the lines between our daily routines and more rewarding virtual experiences. “With more than three-quarters (76%) of global consumers claiming their everyday lives and activities depend on technology” (Wunderman Thompson), we’re witnessing the emergence of a remarkable platform that will forever influence the traditional consumer journey both online and offline.

This insight session investigated how market leaders have embraced gamified consumer journeys and explores the opportunities and brands can harness to create more engaging and rewarding experiences.

Seen Displays invited its attendees to be part of a growing global conversation to create experiences that resonate with their audience and consumer.

FMBE Magazine’s publishing editor attended.

Frank Wainwright’s viewpoint

It is generally accepted that retail needs to create ways to engage with shoppers and in the broadest sense playing games with shoppers is a way of building engagement in any retail space big or small.

This hybrid event assessed four driving forces that are making gamification a prevalent force in retail experiences.

seeen slideI would go as far as to say that gamification is an expected part of the visitor experience at bricks and mortar retail destinations and shopping centres. Moe Krimat’s assessment of the current levels of expectation and opportunity were encouraging for brands or retailers that want to select and tailor their approach to gamification in the way that best aligns with their brand’s identity, and delivers effective engagement.

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