Open Letter: Getting Excited: Brand Ambassador LIVE ~ Judging and Networking


FMBE’s Brand Ambassador LIVE is just around the corner. The vision for this event is to make the best brand ambassadors and staff teams the sole focus of industry VIPS.

We’re pleased to say that we seem to have achieved this – but still I will have my heart in my mouth awaiting our industry VIPs and brand ambassador royalty on Monday evening at Oxo2.

With help and input from Oxo2 the venue, Wave, the lead sponsor and Real People,  the staff sponsor we have been able to put on an exclusive invitation only event.

The 11 individual and 3 team finalists and their entourages are a big and vital part of our guest list but we have also attracted over 50 industry VIPs to help with the judging and the commentary. Judges are circling the room to a set agenda, they all know who they are expected to meet, who to quiz, and what about.

But we also have a big social and networking job to fulfill. A Brand Ambassador’s Reception would be nothing if not convivial.

So here is our list of judges so that you can seek each other out on the night. I have listed you in the group of 4-5 people who have the same schedule as you. There are 12 such groups in total, labelled by letter, from A-L.

You’ll find there is a fab mix of clients, agency, consultants and suppliers. Our Brand Ambassadors will need to be on top form!

Can’t wait to see you there! Enjoy the evening!


Sheonah Howlett, Hammerson Engage

Pat Malmsteen, Training Consultant

Robin Carlisle, Mobile Promotions

Demi Nijjar, Elevate Staffing



Matt Leopold, British Gas

Jessica Hargreaves, PrettyGreen

Scott Young, intu

Ashley Smith, Fli-fi



Rhys Jones, Retail Alchemy

Jennifer Hill, Molson Coors

Claire Woods, Europcar

Anna McClafferty, AMC



Jonathan Owen, Energy

Steve Oakes, Panasonic

Meredith O’Shaughnessy, The Meredith Collective

Carlo Montemarano, Haygarth

Laura North, Scene2



Claire Smith, Warburtons

James Swain, Tesco

Claire Stokes, The Circle Agency

Gavin Williams, Quander

Adam Azor, Curb Media



Will Arnold-Baker, Come the Glorious Day

Paul Andrews, Paul Andrews Consulting

Stuart Bradbury, Avantgarde

Daniel Todaro, Gekko



Richard Bradley, Kellogg

Luci Beaufort-Dysart, Bee

Dan Mayer, Prime Field Marketing

Matthew Goddard, Pepsico

Carey Trevill, The IPM



Carmen Byers, Brompton Bicycle

Andy Boothroyd, Retail 7

Jennifer Webb, Hammerson

Siobhan Walters, Elevate Staffing



Sarah Watkin, Warburtons

Bryony Crowther, Asset Space

Nick Tether, Exterion Live

Ru Barksfield, BigBearX



Tim Fletcher, Britvic

Dave Curtis, Fizz Experience

Lesley Page, Europcar

Tolani Moibi, Promohire



Harriet McDonald, Transport for London

Nick Adams, Sense

Sarah Mayo, FreemanXP

Jack Daniels, Cyclone42

Gianni Mason, Fusion



Warren Richmond, Revium Group

Ollie Williams, Energy

Andrew Bodwick, SpaceandPeople

Ed Myhill, Quander


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