David Viles

General Manager- Smollan UK

Published on Fieldmarketing.com on 22/02/2016

What was most satisfactory to you when working on the winning campaigns ?

Working on the ‘Digital Measurement’ winning campaigns for Smollan, Unilever and Planorama is hugely rewarding and the biggest satisfaction is seeing the clients, the teams and operations benefitting from the outputs of a truly data led and technology enabled solution that has driven huge actionable insights and efficiencies for Unilever across Europe.

How pleased were you that your hard work was recognised as award winning?

We were extremely pleased, as the whole team has worked very hard rolling out the Digital Measurement technology solution across 12 markets to date. Each market is slightly different and have ways of working that as a project team we must adapt to at pace. As such, being recognised as a team makes all the long hours, the European travel and the challenges encountered along the way even more rewarding!

Why is it important for this industry to show off its best practitioners and leading suppliers? Why?

Knowledge and improving industry standards is the main driver for me, as in order for suppliers, clients and competitors to keep improving and to truly be leading edge innovators, then we all need to see and learn from the industry leaders. This type  of education will in turn build trust and drive all of our businesses, teams and individuals to want to do more and not just accept ‘average’standards! We must continually push each other for more in this fast paced industry because most solutions are out of date almost as soon as they are implemented!

How has being an award winner benefitted Smollan?

Being an award winner has enabled us to showcase our achievements across our new group of UK businesses and to both current clients and prospective clients. It has also confirmed that we are focused in the right areas and that we must continue investing in the future models/solutions that will continue to keep us ahead of the curve.

Have you worked on further exciting projects since?

We have other exciting projects that we are working on currently and there are also some very interesting projects that are on the horizon to start in early 2016. In addition to this we have a healthy pipeline of projects and we are currently in the latter stages of Client RFP processes.

What does the future hold for Smollan ?

On the back of a very successful 2015, we will continue to pioneer and build our data led, technology enabled solutions further. We are part of a bigger UK group of businesses, which can now avail of our leading edge solutions also. Therefore, the future is about scaling our business via new & existing clients, utilising our Measurement & Dashboard solutions, coupled with our new Roamler crowd sourcing capability.  We truly believe in the next few years there will be a massive shift towards flexible field sales models and that data and technology will be a key enabler of this. As such, we are uniquely placed versus any of our competitors in the UK industry.


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