Simon Ellson

CEO, Nexus Engage Ltd

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Published on – 24/05/2018


What makes a good business leader? .

There is typically a difference between an Entrepreneur and a Business Leader and recognizing this is the key to being successful. The former tends to be driven and focused on the end game, the latter needs to guide their team along the pathway to success. Being a people person is not necessary in either scenario, however understanding peoples motivations and being able to drive them is critical, my business philosophy has always been to ‘Do the right thing’ for customers, for staff and for shareholders

What makes your job exciting?

The best job in the world, designing and creating concepts from the ground up to engage the consumer, then meeting the client (love face to face sales) followed by handing off to production for implementation and then seeing your creation come to life! Awesome. The last year has been about passing on the knowledge to a bigger team and watching with pride as they execute their first direct campaigns. I feel like a new father everytime!

What do you consider to be a personal professional achievement?

Being asked by SkyTV for comment on retail and the need for experiential / consumer engagement in shopping centres, a face to face interview on Oxford St for the Click program and then appearing on the SkyTV Morning program last Christmas


Creating and building a company from scratch, 3 times J

What are your goals for you and NexusEngage?

We have a plan called 20:20:20 which is our focus for the next 4 years. That’s £20m in revenue by 2020, ambitious, but achievable.

What brand inspires you? Why?

It may be seen as trendy or otherwise, however I have long been a supporter of Apple, and watching what they have done in the last 20 years is massively inspiring. Focused, dedicated, strategic, a rewrite of the business and all that it stood for in the early days, setting the standards and driving multiple industries and leading the consumer curve in multiple areas. Inspirational doesn’t do it justice.

What is on the horizon at work in the next 12 months? .

Global domination! We are moving into South Africa this year as the first step in our expansion plans, English speaking before we move to mainland Europe to repeat the NexusEngage story.

Who do you find inspirational?

Everyone has their foibles, myself included, however for sheer dogged determination and doing /saying the right thing at the right time, it has to be Winston Churchill.


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