Barefoot Tat-Toe Parlour reveals people’s secret passions

get barefootBarefoot Wine & Bubbly is taking their ongoing #BareYourSole campaign directly to the people with the Barefoot Tat-Toe Parlour at events throughout August.

Celebrating the fact that people feel happier when they are comfortable in their own skin and are free to express themselves, the Barefoot Tat-Toe Parlour encourages people to shout loudly and proudly about their hidden passions – and the quirkier the better.

“To help visitors embrace their individuality, the Barefoot Tat-Toe Parlour offers  temporary tattoos, featuring interpretations of each person’s secret passion – whether it’s tarot card reading, calligraphy, metal detecting or simply ABBA – along with the Barefoot logo which represents the brand fun and quirky ethos,” explained Kateland Turner, account manager at real world marketing agency Sense, which is running the campaign. “The newly inked are then invited to share a snap of their ‘tat-toes’ using #BareYourSole.”

The full range of Barefoot Wine is available for visitors to sample as they reveal their hidden passions with the new Malbec and Chardonnay being priority pours as well as receiving giveaways.

“For over 30 years, Barefoot Wine has done things differently with the aim to make the world a better place,” said Olga Senkina, marketing director (EMEA) at Barefoot Wine & Bubbly. “This year, we’re taking the movement to more people, with a bigger message. We want to highlight that along with the freedom to wear what we wish, we should embrace our quirks and unmask our passions by proclaiming the music we like, the company we enjoy and the hobbies and experiences we love. #BareYourSole is showing how the UK should live life Barefoot.”

To date, the campaign has visited Liverpool Pride (30-31 July), Brighton Pride (6 August), Leicester Carnival (6 August) and the Retro Festival in Newbury, Berkshire (12-14 August). It will also be appearing at Manchester Pride from 26-28 August.

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