Blackjack uses geo-tagging to deliver enhanced brand ambassador performance

Making sure promotional staff are delivering activity in the right place and at the right time is key to the success of experiential activity – so specialist staffing agency Blackjack Promotions has invested in the latest geo-tagging technology to ensure maximum impact from brand ambassadors.

Developed by AXLR8, the technology integrates with the experiential agency’s booking and rostering system via staff’s smartphones. An app makes it quick and easy to see where brand ambassadors are, which allows for team leaders to redeploy them to meet demand and also send replacements where necessary.

“We put all our staff through the most rigorous training and preparation for every campaign and shift we run, but the nature of our work means we have to be able to move them around to deploy them for maximum impact,” said Nikki Fisher, Head of Staffing at Blackjack. “The app also lets us ensure that we have enough staff on duty throughout a campaign – we need the resilience to cope with any last-minute staff sickness or absence for other reasons.”

The new AXLR8 system also records when staff clock in and out and feeds back to Blackjack’s booking system and accounts team, so staff can be paid in full and on time.

It also allows Blackjack to deliver extensive reports on brand ambassador activity to clients plus proof of delivery – some brands ask that brand ambassadors provide photographic evidence of the activations they deliver. The Android version of the app lets staff take pictures and then automatically time and date stamps the images (as yet, comparable functionality is not available for the iPhone version of the app).

Nikki Fisher adds: “Our new app will save our team valuable time spent making sure staff are where they need to be. It will also allow us to rapidly deploy them if need be, significantly improving our efficiency and responsiveness. Finally, it will help us reassure our clients that we are delivering the best possible service.”

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