Bompas & Parr presents The Feel Tank

B&P_Coty_Workshop_48Experience design agency Bompas & Parr presents a first of its kind think tank:  ‘The Feel Tank’. The Feel Tank is a think tank with a heart, taste buds and an eye for the extraordinary. ‘The Feel Tank’ is a unique form of strategic futurism that harnesses the powers of sensory stimulation to unlock new ideas for brands.

Sensory stimulation has a long-acknowledged, yet highly complex, relationship to cognitive performance. The Feel Tank calls upon over a decade of multi-sensory exploration for some of the world’s most exciting brands, to guide and shape the future of experiential design.

Actively engaged in designing the future of experience

The Feel Tank is a strategy and futurism offering from Bompas & Parr, the world-renowned experience design studio. Building on 15 years of experience across a wide range of sectors (F&B, LBE, mobility, and more), The Feel Tank mobilises the collective strategic power of the studio team. It combines and crystallises the outlooks of architects, development chefs, designers, creatives, researchers and makers, to produce future-proofed creative and strategic trajectories for brands, businesses and organisations.

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, the team of interdisciplinary creative strategists at Bompas & Parr are able to cut through the noise and provide inspiration, insight, and strategy to supercharge innovation and future planning.

Insights drawn from the heart of a living, breathing factory of innovation

The world abounds in consultants who report on what happened yesterday. Instead, ’The  Feel Tank’ draws insight from the heart of what Bompas & Parr get up to in the studio everyday – a living factory of innovation working with some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world.

Bompas & Parr is actively engaged in designing the future of brands and gives first-hand insight into future trends and nascent ideas well before they’ve reached the mainstream. In this way, its guidance isn’t copy and pasted from the internet – it comes from hands-on experience

Drawing on a multitude of different disciplines means being able to tackle a problem from a multitude of different perspectives. Bompas & Parr’s strategists are specialists at translating a multiplicity of hands-on knowledge, into pithy, actionable and – most importantly – extraordinary insight.

From the extraordinary to the ultra-extraordinary

The Feel Tank offers a wide range of creative solutions from dynamic workshops to entire funfairs:

  • Presentations – A deck and presentation diving deep into the future of a certain sector or wide ranging and opportunity-packed investigations of territories and trajectories you want to explore.
  • Reports – More white paper style investigation that can be passed around and read at leisure by your team and stakeholders to kickstart ideation and thinking.
  • Workshops – Inspiration and problem solving in-person or remotely, stimulating your teams to think in ways they never knew they could.
  • Editorial – Beautifully designed books, zines, magazines and podcasts to carry your vision out into the world.
  • Funfairs – From freewheeling rollercoasters of futurist insight, to carousels of conviviality, we can design impact-oriented funfairs for you.
  • Strategy banquets – Futurism paired with a tasting menu of potentially indeterminate length, to bring the future onto the level of gut instinct.
  • Gunge tanks – Get your own back on the strategy agencies that have led you, one way or another, on a wild goose chase.

Freddie Mason, Senior Creative Strategist at Bompas & Parr said: “This is strategy like never before. We operate at the forefront of cultural analysis and trend prediction to deliver sentient insights on what and how we will be experiencing in the coming year and beyond.

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