Digital agency launches “Days of the Year” Calendar to help brands create piggybacking content and campaign ideas

For the third year running, digital agency 10 Yetis has researched and created a comprehensive ‘Days of the Year’ calendar that enables brands and other agencies to create reactive content and campaign ideas. Compared to 2018, the 2019 calendar has seen around a 20% increase in days that can be celebrated.

The printable calendar helps brands and agencies by giving them the opportunity to plan ahead for reactive content that can then be used on their social media accounts, and even in public relations campaigns. As well as helping those who use the calendar to plan ahead, it also enables them to research the most relevant hashtags that will help them to grow an engaged and authentic audience on their social media accounts.

The calendar is free-to-download from the 10 Yetis website and contains more than 1,000 national and international days, weeks and months – as well as sporting events and national holidays.

The days can vary in their seriousness, from International Wiggle Your Toes Day on the 6th of August to, International Day of Peace on 21st September. Other notable yet obscure days include: Like Spaghetti Day (Jan 4th), Insane Answering Machine Message Day (Jan 30th), National Superman Day (June 12th) and Be Late For Something Day (September 5th).

Head Yeti of, Andy Barr, said: “The calendar celebrates everything on the spectrum of human oddness, from the bizarre to the downright ludicrous and whilst I am convinced that 90% of these days have been born from a public relations or marketing agency brainstorming meeting, it does provide a very handy tool for agencies and brands to create spectacular content, well in advance.

“The fact that there has been a twenty per cent increase in these sorts of days maybe speaks more about the gradual decline in society values. For example, national “take your house plant for a walk day”, is maybe one day that the world could have done without, but hey ho, let’s embrace it and create some social media content around it.”

The Days of the Year calendar can be downloaded via the Ten Yetis website.




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