Easter egg sales slide says Reapp report

  • Sales fall by 12% Y-O-Y, retail data experts Reapp reveal

Easter egg sales have plummeted by 12%*, as inflation and HFSS legislation melts confectionery performance across four major British supermarkets, new data demonstrates.

Analysis by retail data experts Reapp reveals chocolate eggs have dropped by over 600,000 units sold in the buildup to Easter, equating to £11.3million in sales value, a 2% decrease from 2023 (£11.5million).

It comes as the average price of an egg in British supermarkets has leapt by 11% year on year going from £2.27 in 2023 to £2.52 today.

Sales plummets continue across general Easter confectionery sales as well, with popular items such as chocolate bars and sweets seeing a sales volume decrease of 7% Y-O-Y.

Confectionery sales totalled over £62million in the buildup to Easter, a two per cent  increase in the category Y-O-Y with the average selling price increasing by 10% (£1.77).

James Lamplugh, Reapp Commercial Director, said: “The evidence of dwindling Easter egg sales reflects a shift in consumer behaviour. With inflation and a more health-conscious Britain playing a big role in shaping the nation’s baskets.

“With retailers having to satisfy HFSS legislation, Easter eggs are only being sold in dedicated seasonal isles meaning less visibility for the customer, it comes at no surprise to see less shoppers opting for Easter eggs this year.

“Our data demonstrates that as prices rise, shoppers are recalibrating their purchasing habits, favouring essential items over Easter eggs. It is crucial that retailers find the right balance through in-store promotions to incentify sales.”


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