IBWomen denounces the gender pay gap with #Obscenegap campaign

McCann Madrid has launched a hard-hitting campaign, #ObsceneGap, for non-profit organisation IBWomen, highlighting the on-going gender pay-gap across the globe.

Equal-pay-day is celebrated on the 4th of April in the US and symbolises how far into 2017 most women will have had to work, to make the same amount most men did by the end of 2016.

The #OBSCENEGAP is an online spot that sees male porn actors (who on average get paid approximately 30% less than women in the industry) ironically discuss the absurdity and inequality of their pay difference.

This witty gender role reversal aims to highlight the on-going injustice faced by the majority of women across the world. In the United States, the average woman gets paid 75 cents for every $1 a man earns for the same job, while women in the UK get 82 cents, Spain, 81 cents, Germany, 84 cents, France, 82 cents and in Mexico, just 77 cents.

Also, #OBSCENEGAP campaign will actively encourage companies to publish their employee salaries gender gap. With the pay gap not due to close until at least 2152 (according to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Gender Gap 2016” report) IBWomen has launched a petition via change.org requesting signatures of support for this numbers to be publicly available.

Maria-Jesus Alonso, IBWOMEN President says: “This campaign calls out the clear “obscene” nature of gender inequality and the film ironically highlights the double standards we see across the world. As well as the immediate effect, this is further compounded when we take pensions into account, where this 25% gap becomes a 37-40 % gap for women.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the ratification by Spain of the ILO International Convention for the Equal Remuneration of Men and Women (Convention 100), and the 10th anniversary of the Equality Law, yet we´re still far from fair/equal pay. The petition to encourage companies to make all wages public, (which has already happened in the UK as of April 1st 2017), we believe will help to improve the situation.

Monica Moro, CCO of McCann Spain, added: “Advertising, through creativity, has the ability to generate indignation and this is what we are hoping to achieve with this campaign. While many other campaigns have dealt with the issue, we are taking this conversation to a deeper level to address the obscenity of income inequality. Do all women have to become porn actresses to earn as much, or more than men?”

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