Kinetic taps into live traffic data to drive dynamic digital campaign for Toyota

Toyota KineticToyota has partnered with Kinetic to deliver a nationwide digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign using real-time traffic data to target drivers according to the context of their journey.

The “We Choose Hybrid” campaign will run for two weeks on roadside digital Out-Of-Home screens at 70 locations in cities across the UK. This OOH execution is part of Toyota’s wider “We Choose Hybrid” initiative, which aims to reinforce Toyota’s leadership in hybrid technology.

The campaign is powered by Kinetic’s proprietary D:four Drive technology, which determines the relevant copy to display based on live traffic data of vehicle speed in proximity to each digital screen. There are three creative executions that highlight the various benefits of Toyota’s hybrid technology when traffic is either free flowing, crawling along or at a virtual standstill.

Dominic Murray, group creative account director of Kinetic Active, said: “It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with Toyota on their “We Choose Hybrid” campaign in what is the largest scale use of our D:four Drive technology to date. The combination of live data, targeted creative and the brand-building reach of DOOH make this a powerful example of how brands can use context to really connect with today’s audiences on the move.”

With a potential ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2040, the “We Choose Hybrid” campaign was developed by Toyota and The&Partnership to reinforce the manufacturer’s leadership in hybrid technology, and is based on targeting audiences with relevant, bespoke messaging.

The three OOH creative executions include:

  • “We Choose Petrol + Electric” served to drivers going 20mph+
  • “I Want to Brake Free – Stopping and Starting Costs Nothing in Electric Mode” served to drivers going 6mph – 19mph
  • Electrifying – Average Journey = 56% Electric, 43% Petrol” served to drivers going 5mph or less

Emma Lane, brand awareness manager at Toyota GB, commented: “We’re delighted to be using the innovative live traffic speed data to allow us to deliver really relevant hybrid messages in the context of traffic conditions and encourage people to join over 10 million Toyota hybrid drivers.”

Patrick Williamson, communications director of The&Partnership, added: “This innovative OOH campaign really fits into our audience-led approach to media planning for the We Choose Hybrid campaign, allowing us to serve tailor made content and messaging to reach the right audience in the right place.”

Planning and booking of the campaign was managed by Kinetic and mSix with creative from CHI & Partners, and the creative executions will go live the week of the 23rd October.

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