Lucozade Energy ‘Whoosh Hour’ gets Londoners moving with a free journey on London Underground with the UK’s First NFC Enabled Bottle


On Tuesday 30th May, Lucozade Energy launched an NFC-enabled bottle that empowers Londoners to ‘Tap to Flow’ through the London Underground network. This is the first time in the UK an FMCG brand has delivered a contactless travel enabled product.

Limited edition NFC bottles will be handed to commuters at Oxford Circus station during ‘Whoosh Hour’ – a time-period during the day when Lucozade Energy will be helping busy Londoners find their flow. Commuters wanting to get their hands on one of the exclusive bottles will need to head to Oxford Circus between 30th May and 2nd June to experience ‘Whoosh Hour’.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory approached The Big Kick to deliver a unique campaign for Lucozade Energy. The agency’s response was a run of limited-edition Lucozade Energy bottles that would work with London Underground’s Oyster Card readers and ensure commuters and day-trippers alike could ‘Find Their Flow’

Developed with the foremost NFC and payment specialists in the UK and worldwide, The Big Kick has delivered 5,000 NFC enabled Lucozade Energy bottles that provide Londoners with one free journey across the London Underground network, simply by tapping in and tapping out as they would with a contactless payment card or Oyster Card.

Ashleigh Roberts, Lucozade Energy senior brand manager at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, comments: “We are excited for Lucozade Energy to be able to launch this new campaign on the Tube. In a city that’s always on the go, we’re giving Londoners an extra opportunity to get where they need to be in a fun and unique way.”

Andrew Ryan, business director at The Big Kick, said; “We are proud to have delivered this exciting campaign and to continue to strengthen our reputation for executing innovative and technically challenging marketing activations.”

Whoosh Hour is a fully integrated campaign with support from The Big Kick, Valenstein & Fatt, TRO, MediaCom and Frank PR.


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