method launches eco-freindly pop-up

Aiming to do its bit to clean up the fast fashion industry, method has launched the method slow fashion store in the heart of Shoreditch – a space designed to encourage longer life for useable textiles by asking customers to buy, donate or customise pre-loved clothes rather than throwing them away.

The innovative shop will be pre-stocked with premium men’s and womenswear donated by media fashion cupboards and style-conscious celebs and influencers, who will be gifting their pre-loved clothes for fans to enjoy a second time around. With 350,000 pieces of wearable clothing retired to UK landfill annually, the store will be encouraging the longer life of useable material, with all proceeds going to Clothes Aid.

While serving as an antidote to fast fashion, method will be giving away bottles of non-toxic peony blush laundry detergent with every purchase along with a free tote bag, prompting customers to remain eco-conscious when washing by opting for products that have a lower impact on the environment.

As well as buying second-hand and acting as a drop-off space for unwanted clobber, the store will host seamstresses who will be on hand to jazz up tired outfits and give them a fresh lease of life.

Sarah Tuke, head of European communications at method commented: “We want to clean up the fast fashion industry by encouraging the public to either hold on to their clothes for longer or donate to clothes charities. All of our cleaning products, including our laundry detergent, are planet-friendly and non-toxic, so it’s down to companies like us to lead the change in making an impact on toxic behaviours. The method slow fashion store is about making conscious decisions to decrease our carbon footprint, whilst still loving fashion and looking stylish. We’re all about looking good while doing better, and if you are too, come down and get involved.”

Michael Lomotey, business manager at Clothes Aid added: “Clothes Aid are thrilled to be part of method’s one-stop venture. We are proud to recycle over 10,000 tonnes of textiles every year and have raised over £10 million for our partner charities. We can all do our bit to make fashion more sustainable by making small changes like buying second-hand, recycling clothing and using non-harmful cleaning products.”

Method laundry detergent comes in a range of different fragrances including peony blush, orchard fruit, freshwater peach and wild lavender, and contains smartclean®  technology plus renewable, plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. The liquid has been formulated to work well at cold temperatures, even 30 degrees, and therefore helps to lower impact on the environment.

The method slow fashion store will be open to the public from 16th October as a pilot scheme dedicated to slowing down fashion for the good of the planet.


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