Nepa helps Elkjøp to capture sales opportunities

The home electronics retailer and one of the biggest media buyers in the Nordics, Elkjøp is relying heavily on their advertising investments to deliver ROI. Nepa has been entrusted to help Elkjøp drive more sales to their business by identifying and recommending strategic changes in their brand- and communication activities.

The rapid digitization brings about a much more fragmented media consumption. Elkjøp has seen the need to better understand the changing and more fragmented media behaviour among their consumers.

“Nepa’s consumer science approach to identifying and executing on consumer insights, enables us to act on growth areas that clearly link to improved business performance. We act on these insights in everything relating to strategic brand and communication development and evaluation of tactical communications and sales related activities”, says Eddie Hernandez, Nordic marketing manager at Elkjøp Nordic AS.

In a consumer environment as the home electronics business, marketing is a vital part of the daily business. The potential for improving sales revenue can be counted in many dollars and cents – every day.

“We support the crucial decision making. On one hand, Elkjøp needs to choose media channels that enhance long-term brand effects, on the other hand they are striving to convert communication efforts to sales, here and now. We are currently engaged in a project to help Elkjøp optimize marketing and media investments for future growth. Nepa help out by analysing and modelling the prerequisites for marketing and identifying sales drivers to find the perfect model”, says Fredrik Östgren, CEO at Nepa.

Consumer companies in general can benefit a lot from this kind of strategic decision support. Too many decisions are made on gut feelings when developing new directions for a brand and/or communication activities that needs to be clearly aligned with improved sales.

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