New Shoreditch ‘NUNdos’ eatery offers food for the soul

NUNdos pop-up littleThis October, people will have the opportunity to experience the world’s first nun-powered eatery promising ‘food for the soul’.

Brand new, soulful soup pop-up ‘NUNdos’, will open the doors to convent life at the White Rabbit (Shoreditch, London) from 17th – 19th October. Diners will be invited to break bread and reflect on modern life over a hot lunch cooked and served by the Daughters of Divine Charity from Swaffham and Chesterfield convents.

The restaurant is opening in response to an influx of research studies* that show that people under the age of 35 are at the greatest risk of suffering from anxiety. Visitors to ‘NUNdos’ will find themselves transported to a spiritual haven where they will be encouraged to relax, slow down and take stock of their lives over a bowl of hearty chicken or wholesome lentil soup.

The activation has been created to coincide with the launch of ground breaking new Channel 5 series, ‘Bad Habits, Holy Orders’. The ground breaking new series follows five selfie-obsessed young women as they swap hedonism for a life of humility, by living in a working convent in East Anglia for four weeks under the guidance of the sisters.

To help wash away any unsavoury thoughts of Instagramming their food, diners will be encouraged to drop their phones in the amnesty collection bin and follow NUNdos easy to follow restaurant rules (thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s food etc).

Customers have the opportunity to order ‘Mother Superior’s Chicken Broth’ or ‘Wholesome Lentil Soup’, and will be encouraged to take part in life affirming exercises and soul-searching activities. As guests discourse with fellow diners or settle in to chat with the sisters about daily life, millennial malaise will be under the spotlight.

For dessert, the nuns will serve a takeaway treat as a reminder to diners to nourish the soul beyond the walls of NUNdos.

The new TV series breaks new ground as it is the first time that the Daughters of Divine Charity have allowed filming.


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