Orchard Pig give free cider to delayed train passengers

Orchard Pig-005 700On Thursday 24th August, Orchard Pig is cheering up dreary commuters who are suffering from Chronic Delayed Train Syndrome by handing out 500 ciders to help make the journey more bearable.

Following a summer of delays and news that rail fares are set to see the highest hikes for five years, the Somerset cider brand will be handing out cool cans of Reveller to distressed passengers. The team will be giving away the cans of cider from 3 – 6pm at secret Somerset, Bristol and London train stations – exact locations will be revealed on the day through Orchard Pigs Twitter account.

To request a free can, rail passengers can tweet @Orchardpig along with #forthedelays and what station and platform they’re at. If the Orchard Pig team are in the area, they will trot on down and hand deliver an ice cold can of cider.

Andrew Quinlan, founder of Orchard Pig commented: “With so many rail works happening over the past month and the majority carrying on into the weekend, we really just wanted to help exasperated passengers get into the Bank Holiday spirit. And, what better way to unwind than with a train cider.”

Bring a taste of the countryside attitude is at the heart of the Orchard Pig brand, this goes from our can-do attitude right through to the pigs on our cans. In 2016, Orchard Pig hand-delivered cider to everyone stuck in the Glastonbury traffic and in 2015 began experimenting with drone delivery.”

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