The Shopper Agency defines the retail experience for Karndean Designflooring

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The Shopper Agency was briefed by Karndean Designflooring to create a vision for retail, re-defining the experience for both the shopper and the retailer.

The brief was to understand how customers make purchasing decisions and how retailers can meet customers’ needs, whilst informing the design process to create a meaningful and engaging shopper experience that was personalised, inspiring, seamless and human. Considerable expertise was invested at the research stage which informed how customers shop flooring; by colour and texture (not by range benefits as previously believed). This was central to the design and created a shift in the shopper journey, placing Karndean apart from its competitors.

The Shopper Agency worked closely with Karndean to gain a thorough understanding of the brand, retailers, shoppers, heritage and current retail proposition.

Informed by the shopper research, the strategy evolved, informing the user experience across all channels, inspiring the shopper communication and content, to delivering an ownable retail concept. The retail concept was identified around key human needs with experiences built around them to inspire, engage, reassure, excite, delight, care and reward.

The concept needed to be shopper first, future-proof, and inclusive, creating a differential experience for Karndean Inspire studio retailers, whilst defining the retail principles. The Shopper Agency injected a frictionless shopper interface into the retail space using playful layouts which included; a lift and learn play table, new sample wall, a digital wall and updated merchandising principles in line with the shopper research on how shoppers shop the flooring category. The design offers a home from home feel with inspirational mood boards and source materials to help customers imagine how their flooring might look in their home.

The Shopper Agency created and delivered a concept for Karndean that:

  • Changed the way the category was merchandised, focusing on colour and texture to give the shopper a new retail experience informed by research.
  • Applied RFID tags to the product samples to bring to life the product information and inspirational imagery, making it easier for shoppers to compare multiple products and select their desired flooring.
  • Introduced an interactive lift and learn play table that was created using a bespoke digital solution and developed specifically for the Karndean customer.
  • Inspired customers by using digital walls to showcase aspirational content, as well as an Inspire area where customers can peruse design magazines and get up to speed on the latest trends in interior design.
  • Developed and created a brand identity for Karndean Inspire studios, connecting with shoppers on a deeper, more emotional level by sharing what Karndean do and why they do it.

Gavin Smith, marketing director at Karndean Designflooring, comments:“From the outset we wanted Karndean Inspire studios to be completely focused on the shopper, helping them choose a floor they’ll love for a lifetime, and The Shopper Agency was absolutely key in supporting us to deliver this.  From day one they have worked tirelessly to understand our business, and become a valued partner delivering consistently excellent service.”

Scott Cochrane, retail sales director at Karndean Designflooring: “Staying ahead of the competition is vital for us, and with Karndean Inspire studios, we are doing just that. The Shopper Agency wowed us with the initial pitch and have continued to do so all the way through this process. 

Martin Fawcett, managing director at The Shopper Agency:‘’Reinventing retail and how shoppers shop is attracting a huge amount of attention currently. Karndean has certainly been at the forefront of this with the Karndean Inspire studio strategy. Over the past two years The Shopper Agency has provided clarity and objectivity to how shoppers behave in the category and utilised this insight to transform the entire brand and selection experience for both the Retailer and Shopper’’.

The new retail concept, inspired by nature and informed by research, has given the shopper an enriched and fulfilling retail experience, maximising the opportunity for Karndean Designflooring and their retailers to engage with new shoppers, retain existing and increase brand loyalty.







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