TeamHaven launches new Time and Distance app

TeamHaven has released a new report that allows clients to easily report on the time taken and distance traveled by their staff.

Integrating with Google, TeamHaven records the time and location of each visit during the day with the facility to Check-In and Check-Out of each visit.  Project managers can elect to also include the distance to the first visit and the return home at the end of the day.  For staff who do not travel from their home, TeamHaven have introduced a Start Day and End Day function in their mobile app that captures the time and location somebody leaves their hotel.

Steve Grimes CEO comments: “Clients have always found it both difficult and very time consuming to calculate the business mileage of its full time staff, now TeamHaven can calculate a summarised report in seconds taking all the actual visits made during a given period.  Clients paying travel costs for tactical staff can now see the actual distance travelled and time taken”

Following a recent European court case, the European Court of Justice ruled that a part time worker should have accrued time added for travel to and from their place of work added to the calculation of the holiday pay.  It is unknown at this stage whether this will be implemented in the UK.  In preparation for this the new Time and Distance report can include the travel time to and from their place of work.

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