FMBE Awards 2020: Guide to the Finalists, Cat T, Operational Success

FMBE 2020 – guide to the finalists

Category T:  Operational Success

This year the awards are being presented in online broadcast interviews with the finalists. The result of this category will be presented and revealed online in discussion with the finalists on Friday 29th January from 19.45  to 20.00, and broadcast on Facebook Live at

What we love about the category

These are the logistics kings and queens. Who wouldn’t want a ‘make it happen’ reputation right now? This was a great year for the category, setting a very high standard. A further observation this year is that it brought together tea, biscuits, coffee and company.

What our judges love about this year’s finalists

Circle – Costa

2020 was the year when Circle and Costa proved themselves to be a rapid reaction force that gave a substantial swathe of the nation a door delivery that was the right pick up at the right time.

OnLive Events – Black British Excellence

DJ Spoony was going to be 50 under COVID. Then BLM happened and the DJ, together with OnLive recognised that here was an opportunity to showcase Black British Excellence under a new cause related brand. An elaborate plan was in put in place, but they had a couple of weeks to pull it off…

Powerforce and ExSellence – Pladis

At a time of national crisis, with many shelves barren, Britain wanted a break with a biscuit. Two rival agencies on the Pladis account recognised that the challenge ahead of them would be best faced together. Rivalry was set aside with immediacy and flexibility to make a cohesive team that proved highly effective.

REL Field Marketing – Sainsbury’s

When Sainsbury’s celebrated its 150th birthday in 2019 it did so by sharing a cuppa with the nation. Providing 462 instore samplers would be a challenge enough, but it soon became apparent in the run up to the event that the proposed project had further challenges that would require a labour of love.

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