Guest blog: Reno Macri – What are the most popular uses of tech in exhibition marketing?

The use of technology within exhibition marketing can make it easier to attract visitors, present them with information and showcase products or services. Technology can also help exhibiting businesses to store contact details, transfer data and even track the physical location of visitors.

As a result, the inclusion of useful technology into a display stand is an important consideration for exhibition design companies, while the exhibiting businesses themselves need to consider what technology will most benefit them. Here, we examine some of the most popular uses of technology in exhibition marketing.

1. Mobile Apps

In recent years, usage of mobile apps has dramatically increased. In fact, research from Nielsen shows that users spend more than 37 hours per month on mobile apps and could use as many as 26 or 27 apps in that time. It makes sense, therefore, for exhibition marketers to capitalise on this willingness to engage with the technology.

Apps can allow consumers to explore a business’ offerings even when they are not physically present at their stand. In addition, from a marketers point of view, apps can allow them to track consumer behaviour and even send messages based on their physical location, through geo-location technology.

2. Live Streaming

Over recent years, companies are realising that the exhibition services they offer can reach beyond the boundaries of the venue itself. Through live streaming, businesses can share important moments from their exhibition with an audience far larger than the attendance at the venue itself.

The increasing popularity of streaming apps like Houseparty and Periscope helped to make live streaming a more prominent part of the exhibition marketing field a couple of years ago. Since that time, the introduction of ‘Facebook Live’ has made it even easier for exhibiting companies to stream live footage to a wide audience.

3. Digital Screens

Digital screens have been a staple of exhibition marketing for many years, as they are able to capture attention easily, can be used to display information and can be interacted with by visitors, via touch screens. In addition, digital screens can be utilised strategically in place of traditional signage.

One plus point associated with digital screens, that is sometimes overlooked, is the ability to display multiple pieces of information on the same screen, saving space and allowing exhibiting companies to cut back on paper print outs, or even go entirely paperless. This not only reduces waste, but improves a business’ green credentials.

4. Wearables

Wearable devices, including smart watches and fitness trackers, offer great potential and exhibition marketers are seeing this potential more than most. At exhibitions, wearable devices can be used to gain entry in place of physical tickets, can be targeted with iBeacon technology and can even allow for instantaneous data transfers.

“A simple touch between the wearables prompts a data transfer that makes lead retrieval easier than ever,” says Paige Geer from Indy Displays, writing for Devsaran. “The exhibitor devices can be placed anywhere in the booth space, allowing the visitor a hassle-free way to download content for later review.”

5. Phone Charging

With so many modern exhibition services relying on mobile or wearable technology, what happens when an attendee has no battery power left? This question is precisely why it is now very common for exhibiting businesses to provide a facility for mobile phone and battery recharging.

In addition to its pure practical use, providing such a facility is a great way to attract attendees to a space and keep them there for a sufficient amount of time for conversations to take place. Many businesses are finding great success by providing mobile charging in a dedicated seated area, where refreshments are also offered.

Reno is a founder and director of a leading exhibition and event company Enigma Visual Solutions, specialising in graphic productions, signage systems, exhibition stand design, event branding, office refurbishment, retail designs, interiors, and much more. He specialises in experiential marketing and event productions. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on upcoming marketing ideas and design trends.

Reno is a founder and director of exhibition and event company Enigma Visual Solutions

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