Jongga Kimchi Cook-off set for Le Cordon Bleu reveal

Le Cordon Bleu London is pleased to announce a new competition in partnership with Association Mes Amis (AMA) and sponsored by Korea’s No.1 Kimchi brand, Jongga. The cook-off event will bring together 10 finalists, chosen by Emil Minev of Masterchef fame, all battling it out to win a first prize of £3,000, second prize of £2,000 and third prize of £1,000 and of course the Kimchi champion crown.

In order to enter the competition, participants must create a recipe using Jongga Kimchi products as the key ingredient, and submit before the 25th September:

Korea’s advertisement company ‘SF Ad’ and ‘AMA Association in France’ are hosting a Kimchi Cook-off event in partnership with the world’s famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu as a way to promote the excellence of Korean Kimchi to the food lovers and chefs in the world.  Jongga Kimchi was chosen as the main sponsor for the event, as it has been the No. 1 Kimchi brand in Korea since 1987.

SangTae, JU CEO at SF Ad and Director of the Kimchi Cook-Off Event comments: “Healthy eating and diet became even more important in recent months due to Covid-19. Many studies proved that healthy probiotics (lactobacillus) are created when Kimchi is fermented, helps boost our body’s immune system and improve gut health.  It’s with this in mind that we wanted to raise awareness of Kimchi as an ingredient and showcase some delicious recipes here in the UK.   

Kimchi is an excellent side dish that harmonises well with any type of international food such as steak, rice noodle, udon, quesadilla, hamburger, etc. We are holding the Kimchi Cook-off event in the United Kingdom, the core centre of media and press, to promote Kimchi as an amazing ingredient that can give extra flavour to the dish.”

Kimchi has seen a surge in popularity here in the UK and is now a trendy side dish offered with many Asian or Asian-inspired meals.  Top chef Marco-Pierre White was even quoted as saying  Kimchi “works wonderfully with a pork pie, a sausage roll, a Scotch egg, because it cuts the fat,” he says. “I used to always have my pork pie with either English mustard, or with Branston’s [Pickle]. Now I have it with kimchi.”[1]

Previous Kimchi Cook-Off events have been held in the USA and France and the Jongga Kimchi Cook-Off is set to become an annual event here in the UK.

The Jongga Kimchi Cook-Off event will take place at Le Cordon Bleu London on 5th October 2021.


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