Contact FMS embarks on Kellogg’s uni roadshow

contact fms squares copyContact FMS have deployed proactive brand ambassadors to hand out 9,000 free samples of Kellogg’s Squares and encourage students to destress and have fun on extreme sports simulators, which include GT sports cars, snowboarding and skiing. The event is part of a much bigger campaign, this section is running in four universities across the country, Northumbria, Liverpool, Leeds, and Sheffield.

During the exam period students can become quite stressed out, Kellogg’s wanted to provide an event for students to not only try something new but take their mind off the stresses of exams and  win prizes. Kellogg’s aimed to do this by offering alternative sports simulators that they might not have tried before.  This includes 4 GT style driving simulators, snowboarding and skiing simulators for the students to trial.

Contact FMS have collaborated with UTC Events on this campaign and have been working with them for years and on the Kellogg’s account since October 2018.

Christine Taylor, Director at Contact FMS, comments: “This has been such a fun campaign to be part of, UTC Events & Kellogg’s have it well planned and they are great to work with, but like all campaigns it’s the execution that counts and its often down to the proactive nature of the Team Leader along with an energetic friendly helpful team of brand ambassadors which really make the campaign come to life.  When your client uses words like awesome and they smashed it, I’m proud to say that the Hit Squads really raised the bar on this campaign, handing out 9,000 samples in record time.”

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