Go-Cam, the World’s first one-touch field report App, launches

Go-Cam, the innovative new app making it easier than ever for staff in a multitude of industries to live-stream field reports using their smartphones and tablet devices, has been launched.

Go-Cam is the world’s first one-touch field reporting app, allowing users to live stream video from the field and send out email and text alerts to nominated recipients. These recipients follow a link to a report page where they can see crucial field information including sender details, a location map, a time and date stamp and the live video; the report page is automatically archived for future reference, providing evidence to resolve disputes and verify compliance.

The app’s potential is almost limitless, with the ability to revolutionise a multitude of industries. Estate agents could use the tool to provide walk-through tours of properties, while construction firms would be able to film detailed on-site updates to pass onto engineers or architects. The insurance industry could leverage the app to enhance first-hand claims reporting for customers, while journalists would be able to use the app to film reports on location, saving them for a later date or live-streaming them to editors for instant feedback.

Tod Yeadon, founder of Go-Cam, says, “We believe we have a world-first in this fantastic new app, which has the ability to power highly informed decision-making in a multitude of industries. With one touch, users can stream video clips directly from their location, informing colleagues of issues in the field with clear, indisputable video evidence.”

“Go-Cam can also be used to enhance compliance and prevent customer disputes – after all, the tech doesn’t lie! We’re already receiving reports from various different industries coming up with innovative ways to utilise Go-Cam, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds for this disruptive technology.”

Go-Cam has also been designed to be white-labelled and re-branded by business clients, to function as the company’s very own app. The technology can also be integrated into a business’s existing app, adding value with enhanced functionality. Clients benefit from the stable, fully-developed app, with all back-end issues and updates taken care of by the Go-Cam team.

The app works anywhere that has a Wi-Fi or mobile network. In areas with no internet connection at all, it stores all reports to be sent at a later time, when a connection becomes available.

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