Hendricks launches Cucumber Couriers campaign

Hendrick’s UK has launched an on-trade engagement campaign which sees a team of ambassadors visiting up to 100 mainstream bars nationwide to raise awareness of the peculiar way to serve Hendrick’s & Tonic – garnished with cucumber.  

Riding in sidecars on vintage motorbikes wrapped to resemble a cucumber, the ambassadors are touring London, Leeds, Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough. Dropping in to the outlets armed with a crate of cucumbers, theatrically reminding their on-trade partners about the importance of the proper way to garnish a Hendrick’s & Tonic…with three delicately sliced, wafer-thin rounds of cucumber.

Hendrick’s pioneered the unusual and appropriate cucumber garnish due to the gin’s delicious duet infusion of rose petal and cucumber. The cool green fruit enhances the flavour in a Hendrick’s & Tonic whereas when served incorrectly with lime or lemon, the citrus fruit overpowers and masks the delicate flavours.

Bar tenders are encouraged to visit the online training tool -an interactive, video-based training microsite which explains the correct components needed for the perfect serve.

Sam Bovill, senior brand manager for Hendrick’s UK explained: “You’d be forgiven for thinking a giant cucumber overtook you as we travel the country on a mission to ensure every serve is as wondrous as the next. The Cucumber Couriers service, is a most unique initiative offering the noblest of green fruits to bartenders, with a reminder that no bar is fully stocked unless it has sliced cucumber at its helm. It’s a great way to engage with our bartender friends and envelope them into the wonderfully odd world of Hendrick’s.”

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