The Market Creative launches new store concept for Sharps’ Baker Street

The Market Creative has developed a new retail concept for Sharps’ flagship Baker Street store that aims to deliver a more playful and engaging experience for bedroom shoppers.

The 2,900 sq ft store has been redesigned to capture Sharps’ brand values and ‘created with you’ proposition, bringing them to life through a series of stories that take the shopper through the store and inspire their journey in buying a bespoke fitted bedroom.

On entering the store shoppers are immediately faced with a welcome wall that captures the spirit of the Sharps brand. A white and grey colour palette and wooden flooring has been used throughout to create a sophisticated look and synergy, providing a neutral backdrop for the eight bedroom sets to stand out. Each set is dressed to reflect the latest trends or tell the story of a particular product benefit.

The high quality of Sharps’ furniture is captured in the ‘real wood story’, which emphasis product guarantees and origins. The flexibility of Sharps’ products, and their adaption from toddler to teen, is told on a blackboard, while storage capacity is brought to life in the shoebox story.

Educational and inspirational messages are subtly weaved into the store design using picture frames or wall vinyl art, complementing rather than distracting from the overall look as well as helping shoppers to recreate the trends themselves.

A creative approach has been taken throughout to deliver a more tactile and engaging experience. A large wall of fabric showcases the range of materials available for headboards and footstools. A wall of clothes hangers highlights Sharps’ heritage with ‘40 years of giving hangers a good home’.

The hero of the store is a full-size walk-in wardrobe, enabling shoppers to fully immerse themselves in shoe cascades, glamour cabinets and the lifestyle they could have with a Sharps’ bedroom.

The Market Creative has also updated the fascia with new branding. Light boxes replace window posters, so messages can be easily changed to reflect the seasons and new promotions.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Market Creative said: “We applied SHOP, our retail communication tool, to shape each aspect of the store that would inspire shoppers to act -from personality, education, navigation and promotion to product and social engagement. The end result is a great example of experiential retail. We’re given shoppers a reason to move offline and visit them on the high street by creating a more personal, playful and interactive experience.”

Tim Moore, marketing director at Sharps said: “The new concept encourages people to feel, touch and play with our products so they can really experience and visualise what they would be like in their own homes. It has elegance and charm with an element of surprise. It’s a huge jump forward and will exceed what our customers expect when visiting a Sharps’ store.”

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