Projection Artworks helps Talon & OMD reveal ‘Walkers Super Sofa Roadshow’ winners

Projection Artworks has been enlisted by Talon and OMD to bring fanfare to the weekly winner reveals of the ‘Walkers Super Sofa Roadshow’, part of the brand’s UEFA Champions League sponsorship.

The projection-mapping show builds anticipation around the ‘Walkers Super Sofa Roadshow’. The competition, managed by World of Initials, runs in-store across 100 national retailers and encourages people to take a seat on the ‘Walkers Super Sofa’ where they can be photographed holding special-edition crisp bags featuring lower halves of football fans’ faces, in-front of their own faces to create illusions.

The winning photo will be revealed during the projection mapped show, which runs from Monday 27 February through to 20 March. To create intrigue around the event, Projection Artworks is transforming the West Stand at Cardiff’s National Stadium of Wales into an epic 3D projection-mapped display that will be streamed in real time via Facebook Live at 7pm on a weekly basis. Facebook Live integration is handled by We Are Social.

Taking inspiration from bold American sports graphics, the show begins with a  countdown. Through 3D projection-mapping tricks, the stadium’s chairs appear to come to life, undulating and rippling in unison. As the crucial reveals near, 3D effects are ramped up until the seating appears to burst with light, providing a transition into Walkers branding. The winning photograph is then presented through compelling motion graphics. The entire scene is captured in-camera and streamed into Facebook Live.

Projection Artworks’ Rachel McLean said: “We are really bringing the stadium to life with a spectacular show that includes lighting and pyrotechnics as well as a signature projection mapping show using 3D tricks and animations to create some really impressive illusions.”

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