Purity rebrands and relaunches to emphasise authentic live brand experiences

Purity, a leading experiential marketing agency, has announced a rebranding and expansion initiative, marking a significant shift in its positioning in the experiential industry.

In a post-pandemic world where AI and the Metaverse is taking center stage, Purity is charting a new course by emphasising the power of authentic, live brand experiences that connect with human nature.

With the rebrand, Purity is also unveiling a revamped website, designed to reflect its new aesthetic reflecting the commitment to forging deeper emotional connections between brands and audiences. This strategic move comes at a pivotal moment when consumer expectations
are evolving, and the agency is poised to meet these changing demands head-on. Here’s what Purity says about its rebrand and relaunch.

Key Highlights of Purity’s Rebrand and Relaunch:

Embracing the Power of Emotions: In a post-pandemic landscape, Purity recognises that emotions have gained unprecedented influence over consumer decisions. The agency now places a greater emphasis on crafting campaigns that resonate on an emotional level, providing brands with the means to make a deeper impact.

Excellence in Execution: Purity understands that the success of experiential marketing hinges on flawless planning and execution. The agency’s commitment to delivering outstanding results remains unwavering, ensuring clients achieve tangible business outcomes.

Purity People: Purity People, a global brand ambassador network, hosts skilled members with sales, body language, and data expertise. Aligned with our fresh positioning, a new Engagement Strategy has been created as part of Purity’s Team Handbook. This strategic approach underscores our acknowledgment of the intricacies within diverse demographics, the ever-evolving landscape of global consumer expectations, and the prevailing trends shaping international markets, all underpinning our Engagement initiative.

New Team Structure: Purity has restructured its team to accommodate numerous new business wins and is gearing up for a strong Q4. This strategic move positions the agency to meet the evolving needs of its expanding client base. It includes the promotion of Tessa Mardon
to Managing Partner.


Expanding Across the Americas: Purity is excited to announce the launch of Purity US and Purity LATAM, further extending its footprint across the Americas. Building on the success of its work for Samsung in these territories, the agency is well-positioned for continued growth and success.


Mark Dunn, CEO said:“We, at Purity, are a team of passionate, creative individuals who wholeheartedly believe in the incredible power of human connection. Our overarching goal is to craft unforgettable brand experiences that not only engage but deeply touch the hearts of audiences across the globe. Our recent rebrand and updated positioning are a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering authentic connections in a world where technology often overshadows precious human interactions.”
With ‘Purity People’ at the core of everything we do, our exceptionally talented team is dedicated to nurturing genuine relationships, both with our valued clients and within our own close-knit community. Our mission is crystal clear: we aspire to become the go-to agency, a trusted partner for clients and fellow agencies alike, who share our vision of bringing the world closer through profoundly meaningful experiences that allow brands to shine brightly.”
“I couldn’t be prouder of the remarkable aesthetic our creative team has masterfully delivered. It brilliantly encapsulates our newfound values and exudes the infectious positivity that defines the very essence of Purity.”
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