Rockar’s digital car buying technology drives Jaguar Landrover

Launching on Monday, 19th September, Rockar has reinvented car buying by creating tailored click-to-buy websites for Jaguar and Land Rover that empower the customer.  A global first for Jaguar Land Rover, the websites allow consumers to purchase their chosen vehicle through the click of a button and without a salesperson in sight.

The digital platforms powered by Rockar ensure the car buying experience is more accessible and enjoyable for customers and is the first technology globally to offer full online purchasing either through desktop or mobile.  The sites allow customers to research, book a test drive and obtain a price for their old car, choose a payment option with clear and transparent pricing to purchase online.  In addition, a state-of-the-art Jaguar Land Rover after sales facility will go live with the websites to establish greater customer satisfaction.

With millions of Jaguar Land Rover vehicle combinations available, Rockar has simplified the options by creating over 18,000 suggested configurations based on analysis of over 90,000 orders last year.  A series of popular combinations for each model are highlighted, together with delivery times and finance costs.  Customers can then make their decision to buy based on a range of important factors, together with obtaining a valuation for their old car and completing a finance agreement.

Developed in response to changing demands from customers, extensive research, including focus groups, has revealed a number of shifts in purchasing behaviour:

84% of customers purchase a new car on finance

58% of store visitors are female

421,000 user journeys have been logged

Average age of customer buying a new car with Rockar is 37 years old (industry standard is over 50 years old)

Through this research, Rockar has identified and addressed three key elements of change for consumer convenience; technology, stores and people.

In October, Rockar will be integrating online and mobile platforms with an in store brand experience for Jaguar Land Rover based in Westfield Stratford.  The first premium car company to extend its network to include a shopping centre location, the store will offer the same digital innovations and purchasing solutions through an immersive, brand-led experience, as well as Rockar ‘Angels’ on hand to answer questions and provide additional help.

Founder of Rockar, Simon Dixon, commented: “Empowering the customer is at the core of our technology.  We understand the car buying model needs to evolve and are committed to creating an integrated online and in store solution that can adapt to consumer behaviour and provide innovative purchasing options.  Our technology allows greater transparency in the car buying for consumers, providing information on delivery times, financing costs and suggested specifications to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

“Over the last 12 months we have compiled a wealth of information that has highlighted a series of new opportunities for car brands to engage with consumers.  Our technology and focus on the experience is helping to break down barriers amongst particular consumer groups, such as women, and is opening up new markets by revealing how affordable a new Jaguar or Land Rover can be.

“We are extremely pleased to be launching a global first with Jaguar Land Rover, with Rockar helping to create a seamless experience from online to instore with two of the world’s most highly regarded car brands.”

Jeremy Hicks, managing director, Jaguar Land Rover UK, added: “It’s an exciting time for Jaguar Land Rover, we have a range of new models aimed at new customer groups and as such we are looking at how we can best serve our expanding customer base. Our retailers are investing £1bn in the UK network, and our partnership with Rockar represents some of the incremental new, innovative solutions that we are introducing to engage and serve our customers.”

This is the second concept for Rockar, the brand having debuted its technology and store concept with Rockar Hyundai at Bluewater in October 2014.  Rockar also operates a second Rockar Hyundai store at Westfield Stratford.


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