Undercurrent promotes O2’s #FollowTheRabbit campaign

folowtherabbit copyUndercurrent were challenged by O2 to design and bring to life an ‘O2 portal’ as part of a new ATL campaign promoting O2’s association with live music. Over the past year O2 have looked to capitalise on their live event platform, encouraging customers to #FollowTheRabbit in order to gain access to huge events nationwide. Undercurrent’s in house creative team devised a fully bespoke light tunnel, intended to encourage customers to ‘Follow The Rabbit’ through a portal to reach live music. The neon blue installation represents a transitional portal, transporting consumers from one place directly to a live event, delivering a fully immersive and unique brand experience. It will be live until March 19th.

Light phasing will pulse to draw passers-by into the tunnel, with each individual light tube programmed precisely to produce a coordinated light show that syncs and brings to life both the music and ATL. Each tube offers a full colour spectrum, adding to the overall visual impact. The installation has been timed to music by the Chemical Brothers which also features in the ATL campaign.

Hilary Bradley, Account Director, Undercurrent commented: “We’re so excited to be part of the #followtherabbit campaign with O2. We were challenged to bring the portal to life and achieved this by taking over the main entrance of The O2, designing and building a completely bespoke light show around the ‘O’ shaped arch and timed to the ad’s distinctive soundtrack. Over 250,000 music fans will get to experience the installation while it’s live.”

Emily McCorquodale, Production Director, Undercurrent commented: “The scale of this installation creates an impressive spectacle for visitors to The O2, as well as huge support for the O2 ATL campaign- the track will be played 1320 times over the installation’s three week run, giving huge amplification to the ad’s distinctive soundtrack. It took five days creative programming, 37,260 control channels over 77 universes of lighting data, 2.5km of cable, and three days and nights to install the bespoke 9m high structure that was manufactured to fit perfectly around the existing entrance arch. The structure holds 230 3D LED 54 pixel graphic tubes- each LED pixel individually programmed, and 12 layers of video content create the multi directional synchronised light show that gives this piece it’s incredible depth and impact.”

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