Interview: Sally Fenton, Marketing Manager, Monty Bojangles – experiential success in Birmingham

We loved recent news from Birmingham that showed growing brand Monty Bojangles making a significant investment in experience led marketing. It was a brand first in terms of scale. 

At the time of the cmapaign we asked marketing manager Sally Fenton if she would share the post event wrap up with us, and any of the early results data. 

We’re pleased to say that she did exactly that, giving us great insight into the campaign. 


Why was experiential a crucial part of your media plan?

The experiential sampling activation was a crucial part of our media plan. Enabling our audience to have a hands-on brand experience, we were able to encourage as much trial as possible, whilst also telling the brand story and introducing the magical world of Monty Bojangles to the masses. Our plan was to entice people with our sharable brand story, immersing them in all of Monty Bojangles’ glory, and we succeeded, with the pop-up delivering exactly what we wanted it to achieve.

How and why did you choose The Bullring as your pop-up location?

As part of our media campaign, we used a strong geographical test location in the Midlands which we know indexed highly with our Target Audience. We decided on Birmingham’s Bullring for our pop-up location, in Rotunda Square, one of the busiest sites. A prime location, with the space linking the three main shopping centre entrances to the rest of the city centre, we were located near the iconic Bull statue, giving us high footfall with a busy, lively atmosphere, which is exactly what we were after.

What were the main event challenges?

Overall, the main challenge we experienced was managing the quantity of attendees. A good problem to have in many ways, the high footfall meant we had to ensure our team worked seamlessly and were highly organised, managing a consistent flow of visitors. Coordinating queues for the various elements of the pop-up, we had to keep things moving and keep our visitors entertained as they waited, ensuring a steady stream of guests and enabling everyone to explore the tent and each sensory station.
What were the key support agencies for the event (ie Experiential Event/ Promotional Staff/ Stand Build etc.)

  • Media Agency
  • Promotional Staff
  • Stand Build & Creation
  • Social Media

How are you gauging the event success?

We are gauging the success of the event by the number of photos taken and shared on the stand, including social media engagement and number of samples given away. We are also monitoring the increase in brand awareness, and purchase intent in this region, alongside the full media campaign

Our bullseye target audience was ABC1 females (25-44yrs) in the West Midlands and we increased our brand awareness to 47.5%, +37%pts, +335% increase! And increased our purchase intent to 23.2%, +12.2%pts, +111% increase. This was the growth within this target audience and region.

Can we expect more brand experience from Monty Bojangles?

Yes! We were delighted with the success of this pop-up, which marked the first time we had done anything to this scale. We hope to take our magical Monty Bojangles experience to more cities and continue to grow awareness of the brand.

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