Series #FMBEwords: Why I celebrate wellness now

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In Autumn 2019 FMBE celebrated wellbeing and leadership, with a morning-after-the-night-before breakfast, with wellbeing employer awards and leadership hall of fame accolades.

I presented these awards in my running gear. I was wearing the shirt from the Robin Hood 100, a race where I had recently set my 100-mile personal best at just over 20 hours. I had sponsored my own FMBE awards in the guise of my writing business project, Run202020, which saw me scheduled to run 20 endurance races in 2020 for a book that I am writing.

The plan for that book is now in tatters, but not the project itself. It will not be broken by this virus.

Whilst no individual can claim to be safe from COVID-19 at a physical level, mentally I do feel well equipped to deal with its repercussions. My endurance running is driven by personal philosophy, and a lifestyle that has always prioritised experience over material gain.  I expect that being well equipped to deal with critical threat would be the case for everyone in the room at our wellbeing event.

In celebrating wellbeing and leadership FMBE 19 showed that some of the very best in our industry are resilient, well led and well managed.

The Wellbeing Accolades

At this ceremony recognition for exemplary employment procedures of various kinds were accorded to agencies N2O, Gekko, Channel Assist, Undercurrent, MKTG, eXPD8 and REL Field Marketing.

These are all agencies that have a track record in other FMBE Awards categories where results are reliant on team performance, connectivity and innovation. They are agencies that bear up under scrutiny, places where the link between health and prosperity is meaningfully understood. These agencies run offices that are always a pleasure to arrive at as a visitor, but they are also companies where colleagues are empowered to chat and are typically social and supportive to each other online. They are people businesses that seek their next steps forward collectively. You might call them company companies.

At a time when physical distancing is paramount for health a cool contradiction is that businesses and individuals that are adept at closeness are able to maintain cohesion and purpose.

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