The FMBE Awards 2021: That’s a Wrap

A look back and thank you – with category by category links – from FMBE’s publishing and awards director, Frank Wainwright

This final reflection piece, with all of the categories now written up and analysed in bite size pieces,  is 3 weeks overdue – something that can be put down to the new fluidity of time since we have emerged from the lockdowns of the pandemic.

In my life the past month I have:

  1. Taken advantage of a window that suddenly opened allowing travel to Mongolia and completed a postponed 2020 challenge, running 100 miles across a frozen lake with -30C overnight… It was a blast. I was also the first across the finish line.
  2. Been through a family bereavement. It was a celebration of a life well lived, but nevertheless emotionally challenging. But at least we were allowed a funeral.
  3. Finally had COVID. Not with an dramas in my case, but it has still taken me longer to write words and focus.

But I have now had plenty of time to reflect and feel grateful that FMBE Awards continues to set the standards that it does.

Here are links to the category-by-category write ups as follows:

Sales Campaign/ Retail Experience/ Field Data/ Instore/ Tactical ROI/ Tactical Service/ Team/ Sponsorship/ Roadshow/ Immersive Consumer/ Immersive Controlled/ Integration/ Intriguing Experiential/ Influencers/ Brand Ambassador/ Small Scale/ Product Launch FM/ Product Launch BE/ Consumer/ Virtual/ Stand or Display/ Operational/ Professional Agency/ Special Award/ Campaign of the Year/ FM Agency of the Year/ BE Agency of the Year

Many special thanks to these sponsors and suppliers:

Teamhaven by SpaceandPeople



Land Securities


Ambanja Film


The 2021 Judges

Of course, this write up is also a chance to finally name most of the judges who put in the shifts and gave us such credible results. What an amazing panel, thank you all.

Simon Allington, Brand Consultant, Scott Berry, Home Entertainment Series, Matt Blake, Pladis, Andrew Bodwick, SpaceandPeople, Bryony Crowther, Asset Space, Nigel Cruttenden, Elucidat, Hans Daems, Hitachi, Tim Fletcher, Britvic, Andrew Ford, Fulfil Nutrition, Matt Goddard, Organix, Sheonah Hillman, Social Bee/ FoundPop, Penny Humphrey, Experiential and Retail Experience consultant, Tom Hylands, Halma, Louise Kehoe, Hammerson, Louise Marcon, BAT, Nigel Mendonca, World Vision, Jen Murray, Event Producer, Steve Oakes, Sharp, Vandu Patel, Grace Foods, Len Richards, Social Insight Consultant, Claire Smith, Warburtons, Katie Traxton, Formula E/ Good Vibes Only Talent

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