Frank’s Big TOE gets set to launch at FMBE Awards

franks big toeFrank’s Big Tour Of England (Big TOE) is a Frank Publishing legacy project that gets underway at FMBE Awards 2023, Thursday 9th November 2023.

The project is a running 2000-mile tour of England in July and August 2023 coupled with FMBE industry events en route. The 62-day Tour visits every cathedral city in the UK, every county, numerous landmarks and areas of natural beauty. It is supported with an endurance writing project – a daily diary of Everything in England as well as FMBE relevant business insight into shopper preferences, data and event locations. The Tour will put a spotlight on the ability the FMBE industry has to connect in any city and any location, using people power and digital support.

Further FMBE support is in the form of a dedicated post-event magazine detailing the summer of activities created by FMBE agencies and brands alongside the tour write up.

Not only that but the tour’s main impetus is to support young people from deprived backgrounds, creating a legacy of young people equipped to be the future – and available for support and mentoring as they progress in life.

Frank Wainwright, who created the tour and the FMBE Awards comments: “I’m seeing my Big Tour of England as a chance to leave a living legacy, young people whose future progress I can take a real in interest in by continuing to volunteer, and to mentor. At the same time the Tour is a huge advert for the value of living every day to its fullest potential through the running, touring and writing. We will show off the entire nation, and alongside that the FMBE industry and its unique capacity for communicating directly to every corner of the nation.”

“In the Brathay Trust I have found the perfect charity for helping to make the future in the shape of these young people, and as the people industry I’m sure that we will all help inspire them.”

“Perhaps we will unearth some future brand ambassadors, event creators, field marketers and visionary business leaders”

It is a project that everyone can get involved in. The participation and fundraising campaign officially  launches at FMBE Awards 2023 and is already off to a flying start thanks to four sponsors already coming forwards.

The five companies who have already signed up are property and shopping centre business Land Securities, International Brand Experience agency WaveCrest, multi-award winning field marketing agency, Field Sales Solutions, multi-award winning brand experience agency N2O, and flexible vehicle rental FMBE industry specialists Onwrd, who will provide the tour van.

Frank Wainwright adds “I am looking forwards to announcing this Big TOE at the awards tomorrow night to launch the programme officially. To do so with the backing and  the donations from these great supporters of the FMBE industry makes the occasion extra-special for me. The tour is going to be epic and I will be leaving no stone unturned to make every day of my run unique, collaborative, celebratory and valuable – both to the charity and the people who join me”

You can join in with the Big TOE by selecting a day to support through activity and donation. Everyday needs cheer squads, practical and logistical help, and PR support. Frank will have a tracker so runner participants are welcomed. The event pace is run-walk and joining in can be a whole day or a 5K.

You can donate to the Big TOE here.

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