Field Sales and Marketing Agency

Nicky Sanderson - Managing Director, Powerforce

Victoria Satterly - Managing Director, Channel Assist

Tomasz Dyl - Managing Director, GottaBe!

Danny Coe - Director and Founder, 25/8 Group

Rakesh Sharma - Director, Vaijasi

Taimur Abbas - Director, Top Notch Sales & Marketing Ltd

Dan Mayer - Head of Field Marketing, Prime Field Marketing

Susan French - Sales and Marketing Director at Contact Field Marketing

James Farmer - Company Director at Woof London Limited

Andrew Leaver - Managing Director, Blue Square Marketing

Daniel Todaro - Managing Director, Gekko Field Marketing

David Viles - General Manager- Smollan UK

Warren Richmond - Revium Group, Director

Sally Davis - Managing Director, Logobrand

Amanda Chandler - Business Unit Director at Field Sales Solutions

Nicola De Beer - Chief Operations Officer, FMI Ireland.