Brand Experience Agency

Tanya Brookfield - CEO, Elvis

Tim Bodenham - Managing Director, BAM

Tomasz Dyl - Managing Director, GottaBe!

Shushanah Bull - Experiential Staffing and Talent Director - BD Network

Allan McLaughlin - CEO, BD Network

Catherine Shuttleworth - CEO, Savvy Marketing

Luke Hodson - Founder, Urban Nerds Collective

Mike Walker - Managing Director, MGN Events

Tim Williams - CEO/Co-Founder YR Live

Miranda Mitchell - Managing Partner (Make it Famous), The Brooklyn Brothers

Tom Rutter and Alec Braun - co-founders, muster

Justin James - Managing Director, Bigger

Lauren Tauben - Managing Director, Agent42

Samantha Trevenna - Director at Goose Live Events

Anna Jones - Business Development Director, iD

Hugo Jones - Creative Director Cult Events

Simon Ellson - CEO, Nexus Engage Ltd

Oliver Burgoyne - Head of Content, Undercurrent Ltd

Neil Hooper - Board Creative Director at Circle Agency

Gordon Freshwater - Director at Mobile Promotions and H2O Events

James Farmer - Company Director at Woof London Limited

Luke D’Arcy - President - UK at Momentum Worldwide

Kim Myhre - Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA at FreemanXP

Dom Robertson - Managing Director, RPM

Ian Mulingani - Managing Director at Brandscape Group Ltd

Sharon Richey - CEO at BEcause Experiential Marketing

Claire Stokes - Managing Director, Circle Agency

Robin Carlisle - Managing Director, Mobile Promotions

James Gordon-MacIntosh - Managing Partner- Hope&Glory

Nick Adams - Founder, Sense

Stuart Bradbury - Managing Partner Avantgarde UK