FMBE Awards 2019 opens for entry

Entries are now open for FMBE 2019, whilst the event has a new Well Being focus and a bigger platform for networking.

What’s New This Year

So, FMBE has announced this year’s categories . The entry is out three weeks earlier this year. Please do note, this allows more time at the beginning of the process, but there is less time allocated for award judging post-deadline. This is because the awards event date is also a couple of weeks earlier, on Thursday 26th September. FMBE is going to be at a new venue with a totally new style of event.

This year’s categories

Bar the odd tweak here or there, most of the categories are unchanged, though there are two pieces of big news. FMBE-Award-Entry-Text-Form-2019Deadline for Entries, Monday 1stJuly.

The first is the demise of ‘Interruptive Campaign’ in the Brand Experience categories, where it is replaced by ‘Most Emotive Campaign’. The reason for this is to broaden the category. Successfully disrupting shoppers and consumers is no longer an end in  itself. Finding a way to tap into an emotion or range of emotions is often delivered through surprise, but the beauty of brand experiences is that they can ,through disruption or cohesion, bring about a full range of emotional responses. Using the new category ‘Most Emotive Campaign or Event’ we will be excited to showcase experiential marketing that surprises, delights, shocks, amuses, saddens, angers, sobers and uplifts its participants, truly making an impact.

The second update is this year’s Special Award for staff and agency wellbeing. This category will be a one-off opportunity to show that your agency or team has created a working platform that makes going to work a joy rather than a necessity. We think that this is an area in which our industry has really invested over the last few years and marks an era where staff are given more routes to release their potential and where the best agencies are now showing leadership in team care, consideration and equal opportunities.

Theme: Wellbeing

In fact, the Special Category is going to help with a core part of this year’s event theme. Our event will focus on health and wellbeing, both on the night itself and the next morning, at a vitality breakfast call ‘FMBE Inspiration Leaders’ designed to celebrate our most inspirational directors, managers, advisers, trainers and leaders in the field.

This year’s theme is quite a departure for FMBE. Don’t worry, we will still party to exhaustion, but the event will have a stronger connection to business and networking and breakfast the following day will have a serious focus.

This year’s date and venue

Syon Park, Thursday 26thSeptember

Make the diary note now, the award’s evening will be at the supremely stylish Syon Park on the west side of London just across the river from Kew Gardens. Date: Thursday 26thSeptember 2019.

This year we will also have a host hotel alongside the event for the first time, The Holiday Inn at Brentford Lock offering preferential rates, side meeting space, a late bar and hosting the FMBE Inspiration Leader breakfast.

Breakfast: FMBE Inspiration Leaders

Friday 27thSeptember, Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock

The awards breakfast will see the Special Award for Staff and Agency Wellbeing presented alongside the first 10 certificates for FMBE’s new Inspiration Leaders hall of fame. Any FMBE Awards entrant 2019 will, on entering, be encouraged to suggest someone from the industry who inspires them and why. The FMBE judges will select 10 to be presented at the breakfast alongside citations from the person’s nominee. Nominees will be encouraged from all across our industry – clients, consultants, agency directors, managers, trainers, field executives and brand ambassadors. Let’s find out who inspires us, and why, and absorb their collective wisdom.



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