DICE and UNIT9 form partnership for next-gen live streams

DICE (the discovery and ticketing platform for live events and live streams) is partnering with UNIT9 (the global innovation studio named Tech Co of the Year 2020) to pioneer the next generation of interactive live streams by marrying the platform’s world leading infrastructure with the studio’s unrivalled creative tech knowhow.
The partnership will develop high value marketing opportunities within the world of live virtual events. Leveraging DICE’s expertise as a pioneer in high-quality live streaming, its global network of music industry partners and community of fans, and its industry-leading UX and AI-powered discovery platform, alongside UNIT9’s award-winning innovation strategy and creative tech credentials, virtual events will be made richer by incorporating real-time visual effects and fan interactions to drive deeper engagement.
Founded in 2014, DICE has changed how fans discover and attend events and transformed ticketing by putting a stop to scalpers and inflated prices. The platform introduced high-quality live streaming to its offering this April to great success, having showcased over 4,000 livestreams, sold tickets in 145 countries and worked on exclusive live streams with the likes of Laura Marling, Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue and Bjork.
By drawing on UNIT9’s experience in real-time visual effects, virtual avatars, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), live streams will be amplified and elevated by transforming traditional stage graphics into immersive 3D worlds where artists can take on any creative form while interacting with online audiences.
Creative possibilities include: AR performances that take place across vast iconic cityscapes; using AI and facial recognition to monitor audience reactions and create real-time feedback loops with artists; aggregating audience comments to trigger specific visual effects or song requests; or creating a virtual mosh pit through live motion effects.
DICE’s Global Head of Brand Partnerships, Tristan Khan, said: “Usually when a marketing channel is new, it’s niche. Live streaming is new. And ubiquitous. It’s scaling globally at the speed of light, and it’s only going to keep going. The consensus across the live entertainment business is that live streaming is here to stay. It won’t replace touring and experiential. It’s a new component to the mix. This is the vanguard of live entertainment and we’re excited to be offering brands creative solutions for bringing fans the best virtual event experiences.”
UNIT9’s Business Director, Garry Williams, added: “With Zoom fatigue and another lockdown upon us, the need to think even more innovatively about virtual events is only intensifying. But live streams can actually offer incredibly creative opportunities because they’re akin to a blank canvas where performers can bend the laws of time and physics. And with 5G becoming more accessible while people become more open to live streams, the world is now ready for the next generation of creative tech enhanced virtual experiences.”
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