Fiat and Initials set out on ‘See Things Differently’ tour

0019_fiat500x-9205-highres-2Car giant Fiat is supporting the launch of its Fiat 500X and recently released Fiat Tipo Hatchback models with an experiential push through Initials.


The two-day roadshow, aimed at driving awareness and consideration of the vehicles, sees Fiat launch an interactive installation at one of London’s busiest train stations, London King’s Cross, this Thursday and Friday (01-02 December).


The ‘See Things Differently’ campaign challenges existing consumer perceptions of the cars, and encourages them to see them in a new light. Activity highlights that while the new Fiat 500X may belong to a family of smaller vehicles, it offers the state-of-the-art technology of a compact SUV, while retaining the iconic Fiat 500 style. The Fiat Tipo is highlighted for its vast range of features yet competitive price tag, challenging perceptions that low price doesn’t have to mean low specification.


The Initials campaign sees a large mirrored installation placed in the centre of London King’s Cross. Two large curved sets of mirrored panels frame the cars, offering a different perspective of the car at every angle. Brand ambassadors will encourage passers-by to interact with the stand and ‘see themselves differently’ as well as the cars. Information about the two vehicles will be printed onto the mirrors to inform consumers of the key attributes of each car.


The campaign targets Fiat’s core demographics for the models: men and women aged 25-34 who may have families. For the Fiat 500X, this audience includes people who enjoy life and need functionality, but also like to express their personality, while the Fiat Tipo is targeted towards career-driven individuals who want the best car for their family.


Toni Gaventa, communications manager at Fiat UK said: “The ‘See Things Differently’ campaign encapsulates the spirit of the Fiat brand while retaining the individuality of the Fiat 500X and Fiat Tipo models. The installation that Initials has created is incredibly eye-catching and provides a key talking point that we believe will deliver all the right associations with Fiat. Not only that, but it offers something beyond the traditional car stand experience to deliver something of real value.”


Rachel Bateman, head of live engagement at Initials, added: “The initial challenge we faced with this campaign was finding a way to bring together two very different cars. We needed to establish an overarching theme and platform that would enable us to profile the two cars side-by-side, but equally highlight their differences. ‘See Things Differently’ does just that. It enables us to profile the surprising features of these two vehicles, while the mirrored installation underlines the message visually.


“We wanted to create something that would challenge the norms of car stands, delivering an interactive brand experience that would firmly put Fiat in the minds of consumers when looking for a car brand with both personality and reliability.”


The ‘See Things Differently’ campaign also visited Manchester’s Trafford Centre last week.


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