Gameloft announces ROI whitepaper for marketing in gaming

Gameloft for brands, a leader in the creation of gamified experiences for brands, today announced the release of a new whitepaper entitled “The Marketing ROI in Gaming – The Positive Impact of Gaming for Brands”. The report presented during this year’s IAB PlayFronts New York, provides a methodology and a brand-new KPI to measure the effectiveness of gaming and understand how to benchmark it against digital and traditional media.

Video games live by their own rules and are the only medium where the user actively participates in the creation of their experience, leading to strong engagement and attention. By generating positive emotions, gaming offers a unique “positive moment” for brands to engage their audience, significantly impacting positively brand attractiveness which, in turn, generates affinity and love. We call this “the brand likeability factor”.

Gameloft for brands used an approach inspired by the RCQ* (Reach, Cost, and Quality) methodology to define a brand-new KPI that takes into consideration the quality of the gaming moment.

Entitled the “Gameloft Quality Score”, it aims to measure the effectiveness of a given advertising campaign, by analyzing the synergy between the quality of  the context in which the campaign is delivered and the creative assets used to deliver it. This is done by leveraging the traditional measures of exposure and engagement that marketers are familiar with.

“It is essential to understand the relationship between the contextual environment of a campaign and the advertising effectiveness. Our expertise at Gameloft for brands gives us great visibility on how the game context influences the ways a player processes an advertising message delivered in a video game and how to more effectively measure its impact on brand affinity and return on investment”, says Alexandre Tan, Executive Vice-President of Advertising and Brand Partnerships at Gameloft. “Thanks to the Gameloft Quality Score, brands are now able to more accurately measure their Marketing ROI“ concludes Alexandre Tan.

Gameloft for brands’ white paper “The Marketing ROI in Gaming” is available here.

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