Immersive horror experience launches at Bluewater

bluewater-house-of-the-dead-4-littleLand Securities’ House of the Dead launched officially on October 14. The experience runs until November 1 and is situated on Bluewater’s upper Rose Gallery.

Created by Richard Cottier and Sally Duguid, the ‘House of the Dead’ experience is one of the UK’s most successful horror attractions.  The team was inspired to bring the popularity of Halloween to the UK and created their first flagship event last year in Manchester. Bluewater is the first location in the South East for this one off production and also the first to be set within a retail and leisure destination.

‘House of the Dead’ takes guests on a terrifying walk-through journey in an unreal world made up of phenomenal, ‘horror movie quality’ sets, routes of terror and the most horrific monsters and creatures Bluewater has ever seen.  Actors are part of the experience and interact with guests as they travel through each themed set.

In addition, the ‘House of the Dead’ team created “the Mystery of the Pumpkin Ghost”, a family-orientated production, which launches on October 22 and runs through until November 1, incorporating half term.  Guests enter a toyshop to be greeted by the Toymaker himself and help him find clues to solve the mystery of the ‘Pumpkin Ghost’. Both spaces were secured through Appear Here, the leading online marketplace for short-term retail.

House of the Dead’ founder, Richard Cottier, said: “Scare attractions are the UK’s fastest growing entertainment sector and we have seen major innovations in the industry over the past ten years. ‘House of the Dead’ is bringing the very best in interactive horror experiences to Bluewater as a unique experience.  The leisure offer at Bluewater was screaming out for a Halloween offer and both ‘House of the Dead’ and ‘Mystery Pumpkin Ghost’ concepts appeal to all ages and are a truly thrilling experience.”

bluewater-house-of-the-dead-1littleSharon Smith, commercial partnerships manager at Bluewater, commented: “This is a very exciting concept that takes our focus on providing a unique guest experience to another level.  Working with the concept’s creators and Appear Here, we are also delighted to be delivering another industry first that complements our existing offer.  We are thrilled to welcome both immersive concepts which will make this Halloween extra scary for guests of all ages!”

Ross Bailey, CEO and founder, at Appear Here added:“When we first listed Bluewater on Appear Here we wanted to be able to connect the destination with brands who offer more memorable experiences. The ‘House of the Dead’ has created exactly that, so it’s been great to be able to make their idea travel from Manchester to Bluewater. I was blown away by the scale and execution of their production. The results are amazing: Bluewater’s guests are going to have a very memorable Halloween.”

Bluewater dealt direct. House of the Dead and the Mystery Pumpkin Ghost booked the space using Appear Here.


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