Jack Link’s expands eSport’s committments with multiple event and digital partnerships

Jack Link’s, a leader in protein snacking and the world’s largest meat snacks manufacturer, has today announced a seven-figure move into the online gaming arena – on top of the brands ongoing digital marketing spend.

The number of global eSport enthusiasts surpassed nearly 500 million[1] in 2020 according to latest stats, no longer to be considered as a niche market, but mainstream and competing with other sporting big leagues.

Following a successful partnership in 2019 with eSports champions, Fnatic, Jack Link’s is taking it to the next level, signing several partnerships in a multi-year deal that will cement the brands presence in Europe amongst this loyal army of highly engaged fans.

The brands first announcement sees Jack Link’s EMEA and Fnatic team up once again, looking to connect with fans and players, establishing the jerky brand as the primary protein snack for gamers, enabling them to power through their grind without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Later on in the year, Jack Link’s EMEA will also be sponsoring leading eSports tournaments and events in Europe, enabling the brand to expand its reach and take centre stage and the connect with fans across borders.

The multiple touchpoints from the plethora of partnerships add up to both tangible business results on the retail end and a strong marketing message to a set of consumers who fit with the brand’s sweet spot.

Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director at Jack Link’s EMEA commented on the announcement; “What we know about our consumers is that they are passionate about everything they do – and gamers are no exception.

“Competing online is fast-paced and requires gamers to be their optimum self to perform and win – whether that be beginners or competing at world stage. Jack Link’s can help this active community reach its fullest potential, providing them with quality, protein-rich fuel needed to power through long and hard gaming sessions.

“Our products are the perfect snack, no matter if at home or on the go, at work or during leisure time activities such as gaming. Beef Jerky is a natural source of protein, giving lasting energy and hence supports endurance.

“We want to be a true partner, supporting gamers on all levels and building relationships both in competitive as well as amateur gaming. We are confident that eSports has by no means reached its full potential and this is just the start of things to come from Jack Link’s.”

In its first collaboration with a snack brand, the partnerships represent both Jack Link’s and Fnatic’s continued commitment to maximising and enhancing eSports performance, equipping gamers to achieve their personal goals.

From development of content, in-game activations, online and physical tools as well as story-telling from the pros, every aspect of this partnership will be centered around enabling gamers to power through.

 “At Fnatic, we have a performance-first philosophy to ensure gamers are always playing at their best,” said Neil Walker, Partnerships Manager at Fnatic.

“All of Jack Link’s snacks are made with 100% beef, are high in protein and have less than 80 kcal per serving. This collaboration unlocks gamers’ full potential by providing them with the quality, protein-rich fuel needed to power through intense gaming sessions and play to their maximum potential.

“When it comes to nutrition, we are actively encouraging our players to eat in a way that will improve their performance in competitive games.

 “Providing them with snacks is extremely important considering how long and intense gaming can get. A high protein, no-nonsense type of snack like Jack Link’s is the best option for us.”

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