Martin Lindstrom and Jack Morton Worldwide partner to challenge big data

Jack Morton Worldwide and Martin Lindstrom, author and brand futurist,have announced their partnership, which will challenge the dominance of big-data thinking and work to help brands uncover the potential to drive brand success through small data.

These principles are explored in Martin Lindstrom’s new book ‘Small Data’ which will be published in the UK in March. Approaches from Small Data will be used as part of Jack Morton’s strategic planning process, enabling the agency to uncover deep human insights and develop the most compelling brand experiences for its clients.

Small Data examines how insights gleaned from tiny clues can uncover huge trends and drive big change for brands. The book, which charts Martin’s fascinating journey of discovery for leading brands, references Jack Morton’s own small-data-influenced work with Chevrolet.

In an era where big data has challenged the value of human perception and observation, the principles of Small Data show that mining and matching technological data with up-close psychological (and sometimes counter-intuitive) insights creates the ultimate snapshot of consumers and their most authentic desires.

“If we want to truly understand what makes people love brands, we need to force ourselves to be present again and see what’s really going on around us—big data isn’t enough. So I’m starting a Small Data revolution and I’m delighted that Jack Morton is with me on that journey in helping brands reconnect with people and be the most successful they can be,” said Martin Lindstrom.

“As a brand experience agency, Jack Morton has always been focused on building a close understanding of what makes people tick, in order to ensure our work genuinely resonates with people. When it comes to experiences, achieving that resonance is often grounded in emotion—and that can’t be pinpointed through big data alone. So we’re very excited to be working closely with Martin Lindstrom as we embrace Small Data in the development of the extraordinary creative work that Jack Morton is renowned for,” said Craig Millon, EVP Consumer Marketing at Jack Morton Worldwide.

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