PepsiCo ‘pops’ into the UK popcorn market

new-pop-works-co-range1400445littleThe popcorn segment has grown by 170% in the past five years to the end of 2015 and PepsiCo, is set to give retailers further opportunity to capitalise on the growing segment with the launch of a new popcorn brand, Pop Works & Company.

Produced using a ‘wet popping’ method, the new range of popcorn is light, crunchy, and tastes delicious. Available in four unique, on-trend flavours: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Peanut Butter & Caramel, Apple Pie, and Sweet & Salty the packaging, which reflects the brand’s premium positioning, has been designed to have real on-shelf stand-out.

PepsiCo currently accounts for 29% of global popcorn sales and the company is keen to drive the growth in the segment and help retailers maximise sales, as the leader in this segment worldwide. Available now, Pop Works & Company is set to take the popcorn segment by storm as the demand for popcorn moves from a movie night treat to all round snacking occasions.

Pop Works will be launched with a unique digital campaign supported by experimental shopper marketing. The brand will be partnering with social influencers and vloggers in order to create entertaining content for the target audience.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, comments: “Popcorn already presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers and we anticipate that the segment will maintain its rate of growth in the next five years, so we are keen to support retailers and help them to take advantage of the growth in demand.”

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