Prophet helps nonprofits on annual ‘Prophet for Nonprofit Day’

P4NP4 [503479]littleProphet has set aside one day in its nine global offices to help 36 nonprofits tackle their brand and growth challenges as part of its annual “Prophet for Nonprofit” (P4NP) initiative. On Thursday, June 30, over 300 Prophet employees will donate their time and expertise in brand strategy, digital transformation and design to help local nonprofits advance their mission.

The participating organisations range from small, local agencies to global nonprofits that support a number of causes, including childhood literacy, AIDS relief, environmental conservation and the arts. Prophet customised teams of strategists, designers, and data analysts to bring the right mix of skillsets together to address each organisation’s individual challenges. The work produced throughout the day will range from creating a new brand positioning, visual identity, or stakeholder experience, to developing a new donor strategy or social media outreach programmes.

“P4NP is a great opportunity for Prophet to help our local communities, and live our mission of building brands, transforming businesses and moving society,” said Michael Dunn, Chairman and CEO of Prophet. “Not only does this initiative provide employees an opportunity to use their expertise to further causes they believe in, it also results in real change for the organisations we help. It’s amazing to see what we can accomplish together in one day.”

P4NP has translated into real-world results for the participating nonprofits. Seeds of Peace, a non-political group that helps teenagers from regions of conflict around the world learn leadership and peace building skills, will participate in this year’s P4NP day, and Prophet has worked with them in the past pro bono. During the course of this work, Prophet will create a new logo and visual identity for the organisation, which will be unveiled on its website. Prophet will also help them define their mission statement and shape their marketing strategy.

After years of fund-raising and charity efforts organised by its individual offices, Prophet decided to formalise the effort. Each year it earmarks one day to temporarily suspend client work and help hand-selected nonprofits overcome their most pressing challenges.

“Our employees are very civic-minded; they place a high value on being able to give back to the community. As a company, we felt the best way to do that was to provide Prophet’s world-class brand and marketing consulting skills to worthy local organisations free of charge,” continued Dunn. “For example, if we create a six-month plan that enables an organisation to grow its donor list by 25%, we’ve made more of a long-term difference than if we volunteered to collect donations for them for one day.”

All nine of Prophet’s global offices will participate in P4NP 2016, helping several nonprofit organisations, including Room to Read, Water Trust, Snehalaya, Company of Makers, Olio, Legacy CIC and Exceptional Individuals.





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