Brand Belief kicks off Summer road show

Setting off on an eight-week journey, chefs and Brand Believers are promoting outdoor eating and the delights of entertaining at-home. To kick off the roadshow, Gastro Alfresco popped up in over 20 venues across two days to help voters through the stresses of both the Referendum and the weather.Gusto outo small

Visiting 75 Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s stores, the Gastro Alfresco teams have been sampling half-a-million treats, handing out £35,000 of prizes and saving shoppers potentially over a £100k with coupons from the campaigns sponsors. National, regional and online PR is large part of the mix and across three social media channels.


Running from 30th June and reaching out to over 900,000 consumers, over half a million people will sample alfresco treats on what is the country’s largest summer RoadShow tour.

Sponsors for 2016, include Official Wine – Blossom Hill, “Let it Blossom this Summer” Official Cheese – Davidstow, “Savour the Exceptional”;  Official Soft Drink – Shloer, “Here’s to Good Times”;  Official Pesto – Sacla’ “Perfect Pesto – Potted”; Official Coffee – Percol, “Celebrate Taste with Percol” and Official Healthy Snack – Whitworths Shots; “The Good-natured Little Snack”.

Gastro Alfresco has been building the market and changing consumer perceptions towards ‘at home’ summer lifestyles. The multi-brand, multi-discipline grocery promotional campaign has been key in growing the UK market for home based alfresco eating and entertaining from £150 million in 1997 to over £7 billion last year!

Gastro Alfresco maestro Brian George said: “People who live around the Mediterranean generally live longer and are healthier and a big part of that is the healthy outdoor lifestyle they enjoy and the fresh summer food they consume.

“The Gastro Alfresco promotional roadshow has been designed to reach out to the British population at a time when we are very unsure about the future. Despite the Brexit vote, one thing at the moment we can take control of though is our lifestyle… Whilst we might not have as good weather all summer, we should grab what we can and still enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle during the next few months. And of course, we all look better with a slight tan and eating fresh, healthy summer foods packed of vitamins and nutrients is certainly good for us!

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