Leave or Remain Brexit breakfast at Banana Kick

On Friday, staff at Leeds-based marketing agency Banana Kick, will be tucking into a commemorative EU Referendum breakfast in the office, however, they won’t know what’s on the menu until the result has landed.

As the referendum looks set to hang on a knife edge, Banana Kick, which has opened a pop-up Parisian café in their offices for the duration of Euro 2016, will be serving up either a full English breakfast if Brexit supporters come out on top, or a continental spread should the remain campaign take victory.

Whichever way the vote swings, the sports and experiential marketing agency will be sure to stir up some coffee house conversation amongst the staff as they enjoy their themed breakfast in the Parisian café.

Banana Kick Director Gary McCall said: “The UK population faces arguably its biggest political decision in a generation. After months of uncertainty, it will be time to look to the future irrespective of how the public votes, what better way to start a new era than a hearty breakfast.”


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