Coffee and ketchup prices plunge and sales leap says data from Reapp

Shoppers struggling with sky-high prices on household essentials are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel with the cost of coffee and ketchup starting to fall.

The latest analysis from retail data experts Reapp reveals that coffee prices have dropped by over 10 per cent.*

The price of plant-based milk has also fallen – down over six per cent since April.**

But it’s condiments that have seen the biggest plunge in price – of more than 12 per cent since the start of the year.***

It has resulted in a sales boost with shoppers taking advantage of price drops, and  stocking up their cupboards: Condiment sales were up 60% compared to March and coffee sales increased by over 43% as we entered into May.

Plant-based milks also saw sales up by over 30% in April compared to March this year.

Reapp Commercial Director James Lamplugh comments: “Our analysis of recent supermarket price patterns show that there is some hope for the nation’s shoppers. Inflationary pressures have sent prices soaring, but certain essentials like coffee and ketchup are starting to go down in price as industry-wide deflation is being helped by supermarket price promotions.

“We are seeing significant sales boosts for products which are experiencing price drops, suggesting shoppers are stocking up on their favourite goods and making the most of these low prices.”

* Data from single coffee brand across Morrisons and Tesco – March to April  2023
** Data from single plant-based milk brand across Asda, Morrisons and Tesco – January to May 2023
*** Data from single condiment brand across Morrisons and Tesco – January to May 2023


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