Field Sales Solutions sets out Carbon Neutral 5 year plan

Field Sales Solutions, the current UK Field Marketing Agency of the Year, announced at its annual Conference an ambitious action plan to become Carbon Neutral by 2025.
The action plan sets out the key business milestones which will need to be achieved in order to make the organisation Carbon Neutral over the next 5 years.
The ‘5 Year Plan’ includes the following annual objectives:

Year 2 – Off set all HO Carbon usage & transport into work
Year 1 – Off set all HO Carbon usage
Year 3 – Clients engaged to offset Carbon
Year 4 – Move towards electric vehicles
Year 5 – Become Carbon Neutral

Julian Cordy, Field Sales Solutions Group CEO, said “It’s with real pride that I share our 5-year vision to achieve a sustainable Carbon Neutral footprint by 2025 by making real changes within our business and offsetting a measured amount of carbon production with other counter balancing actions. We recognise the need to make a difference, to do our bit and if we can, to inspire others to do the same.”
Cordy, added, “I began to think about our industry and the role we play in driving carbon emissions, particularly with large teams of people, and a fleet of vehicles nationwide, so despite the logistical and financial challenges we may face, I see it is time to take action and, as CEO, I am determined we will deliver on our plan.”
The team at Field Sales Solutions have already embraced the idea and begun the tree planting programme, and look to support local initiatives, giving time and resource plus looking at other measures, outside of offsetting carbon, to support the environmental agenda.
Field Sales Solutions, who have grown significantly over the last 5 years to become a £30m+ organisation, based in Thame, Oxfordshire, work across the UK, in Ireland and also as part of the European Field Marketing Partnership, want to ‘give back’ and look forward to striving to make a difference and remain an innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious business.
In conclusion Julian added; “Each of us play a key role in shaping the future of our planet and I am extremely proud of the organisation we are today, and I look forward to making our vision a reality by 2025 – after all there’s no Planet B!”

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