Gillette enters eSports through global partnership with ESL

Gillette has announced a new partnership with ESL through a sponsorship of the League of Legends Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) World Championship in Katowice, Poland from February 24-26, 2017. Leading Gillette’s entrance into gaming is the brand’s first ever eSports athlete, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.   xPeke is qualified to join Gillette’s line-up of athletes from his success as a professional gamer, team owner, and former IEM Katowice Most Valuable Player (MVP).

“It’s been exciting and eye-opening as we’ve immersed ourselves in the gaming community and discovered that both professional and amateur gamers have a lot in common with other premier athletes and sports fanatics.  Gamers at all levels recognize the importance of precision – split seconds and minute movements make big differences.  We get that obsession with precision better than anyone,” said John Mang, Vice President, Global Gillette. “Gillette is thrilled to partner with ESL to join this evolving and growing community.”

Gillette will offer the teams and fans at IEM Katowice the opportunity to customise Gillette razor handles using 3D printing technology at its RZR MKR Design Studio.  Additionally, the brand will provide grooming services to all League of Legend’s competitors throughout the opening weekend and will host autograph sessions and other activities with xPeke.

“Gillette has been a leader in sports for many years, often partnering with the top leagues and players, and we are thrilled to welcome such an iconic global brand to our ESL family, ” said Craig Levine, CEO of ESL North America. “Gillette understands the growing popularity of eSports and will play an integral role in helping us enhance the fan experience at the IEM Katowice World Championship.”

In addition to the RZR MKR Design Studio experience, Gillette will give fans an exclusive inside look at, xPeke. The “Pursuit of Precision” content series will bring fans closer to xPeke as he visits the Gillette World Shaving Headquarters in Boston and discusses the precision required to be a top eSports player and the added pressures of owning a League of Legends team during the current eSports boom.

“As a former IEM Katowice MVP and current team owner, I understand the relentless pursuit of precision required to be the best player I can possibly be,” said xPeke. “Gillette obsesses over razor blades the same way I obsess over League of Legends strategy and it’s that common dedication that made me realize how much Gillette actually has in common with gamers,” explained xPeke.  “I’m happy and humbled to be their first global eSports ambassador and get the chance to show more of the world how much precision eSports requires.”

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